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Architect your dream

We are pleased to serve you with your customized designs regarding our products. We work our fingers to the bone for providing the best customer service in town. Customers are welcomed to contact us with their ideas and desires for mined material that we possibly provide them.


To design the project according to the wishes of customers, we offer the option of contract to our respected customers so they can avail our commodities and services according to their design budget.

Investment advisor

Because of the best customer service, we also offer our clients to make them an investment plan if mining material and commodities aren’t their area of expertise. We, as a team has hired advisor for customers to manage their finance for profitable project of our products.

Contractors & Construction Managers Since 1981


Copper Ore

Our company is the Copper Ore Exporter and Supplier in Pakistan. Copper is utilized for power, lighting, heating, communications, and many more. It isn’t easy to imagine a world without copper.


Iron Ore

Iron ore is an important commodity because of population and structure development in developing nations. Iron ore is found in different regions of Pakistan


Lead Ore

Lead has a broad use in development, plumbing, batteries, bullets, paints, leaded fuel, and radiation shielding. We have amazing mines of lead here in Pakistan and can offer lead ranging from 20-60%.


Nephrite (Jade Quality)

The stone is known as nephrite because it was used in amulets against kidney issues in early times. Both jadeite and nephrite are known as jade